Mum’s Tomato Sauce

tomatosauce-sliderRich and robust with tomato skin and seeds, Mum’s Tomato Sauce tastes just like the sauce your mother (or grandmother) used to make. Packaged in a stylish glass bottle, Mum’s Tomato Sauce is ideal for anyone who craves that authentic homemade flavour.

Delicious vine-ripened tomatoes are sourced from growers in the Nelson region and blended with aromatic herbs and spices to create this traditional family favourite.

The Nelson region at the top of New Zealand’s stunning South Island is renowned as a gourmet paradise, thanks to its warmth, sunshine and wealth of fresh produce including sun-kissed fruit, farm fresh vegetables, succulent seafood and fine wines.

Mum’s Tomato Sauce is a delicious addition to any savoury dish. Traditionally served with meat, poultry, eggs, potatoes or with classic Kiwi-style fish n’ chips, it’s a versatile must-have for your pantry.

Sold in glass 250g or 540g bottles. Minimum order 12 bottles (1 box) Freight costs quoted at the time of order.