Mum’s Apple Sauce

applesauce-sliderWhen you start with premium quality ingredients, you don’t need a lot of embellishment.

Mum’s apple sauce is based on a simple family recipe using the crisp, juicy flesh of New Zealand apples. Unlike many commercial apple sauces, it has a refreshingly pure apple taste rather than being sugary sweet.

The special taste and quality of New Zealand apples is unrivalled around the world. In regions such as Nelson/Tasman and Hawkes Bay, the warm, dry summers with intense sunshine and cool winters provide an ideal growing climate for apples. The country’s clean, clear water and a pollution-free atmosphere ensure a freshness and quality that’s second to none.

Traditionally used as a condiment with roast pork, Mum’s apple sauce is also delicious served with ham, bacon or cold meats. Apple sauce can also be used for sweet treats such as muffins, fruit crumble or pancakes. A dollop of apple sauce with natural yoghurt and muesli makes a scrumptious and healthy breakfast.

Sold in 250g glass bottles. Minimum order 12 bottles (1 x box) Freight costs quoted at the time of order.